A very drunk irishman is drinking at a bar when he runs out of money…

So the man walks up to the bartender and asks “what can I do to get a free drink around here?”

The bartender looks at him and grins and replies ” I have three tasks for you, if you complete these tasks, I’ll let you drink for free in my bar for the rest of the night”

The guy replies in a drunkenly speech “anything, you name it”

The bartender goes “okay, first you see the 300 pound man over there? I want you to go over and knock him out cold in the ground.”

“Easy” the man replies

“Next, I have this dog with an infected tooth in the back. I need you to take care of this infected tooth for me.”

“That’s it?” Says the man

“Finally, my 85 year old grandmother lives upstairs. She has never had an orgasm. I need you to go upstairs and give my grandmother an orgasm. You do this for me and I’ll let you drink for free in my bar.”

The man is sitting waiting for the signal to start

The bartender goes “3,2,1 go!”

The man runs to the end of the table and punches the guy out, one punch, cold on the floor. Everyone is amazed.

Next the man runs into the back. People hear pots and pans crashing and a dog whimpering and a all of sudden the man comes out from the back.

“Alright, now where’s the grandmother with the infected tooth.”

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