A time keeper at a factory is in charge of blowing the whistle for the lunch break at noon.

When it’s almost noon he looks at his watch and right when it strikes 12pm he blows the whistle.

One day he bumps his watch against something and he fears that it is a little off.

Wanting to make sure that he can do his job correctly he decides to go get his watch set by a professional clock maker.

The man goes to the shop and has the clock maker set his watch to the correct time. He tells the clock maker what he does for a living and that it is important that his watch keeps correct time.

The clock maker tells him that he needn’t worry because he set his watch by the clocks in the back and that he can be sure that they’re on time because he sets them every Sunday when the church bells ring at 6am.

The man leaves the shop but starts to ask himself how does the church know exactly when it is 6am?

So he goes to the church and finds the bell ringer and asks him how does he know when to ring the bells and how does he make sure that he has the correct time.

The bell ringer tells him that he rings the bells right when his watch strikes 6am and he’s sure his watch is correct because he checks it every day at noon when the factory goes on break.

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