A Texan went to Europe for the first time, traveling by sea on the steamship France.

The first night out, the chief steward put him at a dinner table with a Frenchman who spoke no English. When the food arrived, the Frenchman said: “Bon appetit,” and the Texan, assuming he was introducing himself, replied, “Harvey Granger.” The next morning at breakfast the Frenchman again said, “Bon appetit.” The surprised Texan again replied, “Harvey Granger.” This went on at every meal for the next five days. On the last night out the Texan was having a drink in the bar before dinner and struck up a conversation with another American. “Strange people, these French,” remarked the Texan. “How so?” The Texan told how he’d met the Frenchman at least a dozen times and that he always introduced himself. “What’s his name?” “Bon appetit.” The American laughed and explained that that wasn’t the Frenchman’s name. He was merely wishing him a good appetite. The Texan was very embarrassed and, when he sat down for dinner that night, he smiled at the Frenchman and said, “Bon appetit.” The Frenchman beamed back and replied, “Harvey Granger.”

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