A teenager rolled up to the Mexican border on a bike…

He had a sack of sand in his hand.

“What’s in the sack?” asked the border patrol officer

“Just sand,” said the kid.

The officer didn’t believe him, so he opened the sack up to find just sand. The officer dumped the sack empty and dug through it but he only saw sand. He even took a sample to a lab to have it tested, but all signs showed it was pure sand.

Reluctantly, the officer let the kid go.

The next day, the same kid rolled up on his bike to the Mexican border with another sack in his hand.

Again, the officer asked what was in the bag. He searched through the bag and once again had the sack tested of its contents, but it was just sand.

The officer had no choice but to let the kid leave again.

This went on for years. The officer was sure that one day the kid would have something else in the sack, and eventually he drove himself to insanity. He was fired and became a heavy drinker.

One day, he was at the bar when the teenager who had been crossing the border everyday with the sack of sand sat down next to him.

The ex-border patrol officer looked at him and pleaded, “Look. All those times you were crossing the border, I know you were smuggling something! Please just tell me what it was and give me some peace at mind. I don’t even work as a cop anymore!”

The kid said,


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