A teacher hands out Jolly Ranchers to her kindergarten class…

And she decides to make a game out of it. “We’ll all eat the candy at the same time, and whoever guesses what flavor it is first wins a prize!”

They all try the first Jolly Rancher. “Grape!” shouts little Suzy, and she wins a prize.

The second Jolly Rancher takes them a bit more thinking, but eventually little Johnny figures it out: “Raspberry!”, and he wins a prize.

The third Jolly Rancher stumps the entire class: it’s honey, a new Jolly Rancher flavor. The teacher watches them all suck away, thinking what it could be. She decides to give them a hint: “It’s something your parents call each other,” she suggests.

Suddenly little Timmy spits his out in disgust. “Don’t swallow it guys!” he shouts in terror. “It’s asshole!!”

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