A student sits next to their teacher at lunch

The teacher tells the student “Birds don’t eat with pigs.” The student gets up and says “Alright, then I’ll fly away”

Angry at being outsmarted, the teacher attempts to humiliate the student in class. The teacher calls them up and asks them a question. “You find two bags, one full of money, the other, intelligence. You can only pick one, which do you take?” The student answers “The one with money.” The teacher laughs and says “I would’ve picked the one with intelligence!” The student replies “People always take what they don’t have.”

At the end of class, the teacher is handing back tests. Before handing the student theirs, they write “Jerk” at the top of the page. The student looks at the test, then comes back and says “Teacher, you signed it, but you forgot to grade it!”

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