A Student is in Engineering Class, when the Teacher asks What is a Machine?

Student 1: A machine is anything that reduces human effort

Teacher: Will you please elaborate?

Student 1: Anything that simplifies work, or saves time, is a machine

Teacher: What is the true definition?

Student 2: Sir, machines are any combination of bodies so connected that their relative motions are constrained and by which means, force and motion may be transmitted and modified as a screw and it’s nut, or a lever arranged to turn about a fulcrum, or a pulley about it’s pivot, etc, especially a construction more or less complex consisting of a combination of moving parts, or simple mechanical elements, as wheels, levers, cams, etc.

Teacher: Wonderful! Perfect, please sit down.

Student 1: But sir, I said the same thing, in simple language

Teacher: If you prefer simple language, join an Arts and Commerce college

Student 1: But sir, what’s the point of blindly cramming a definition from the book?

Teacher: That’s enough, get out!

Student 1: *Proceeds to walk out, then walks back

Teacher: Why are you back?

Student 1: I forgot something

Teacher: What is it?

Student 1: Instruments that record, analyze, summarize, organize, debate, and explain information; that are illustrated, non-illustrated, hard-bound, paperback, jacketed, non-jacketed, with foreword, introduction, table of contents, index that are intended for the enlightenment, understanding, enrichment, enhancement and education of the human brain through the sensory route of vision, sometimes touch.

Teacher: What in the world are you talking about?

Student 1: Books, sir, I forgot them, may I go ahead?

Teacher: Couldn’t you have asked simply?

Student 1: I tried earlier, sir. It simply didn’t work.

Dialogue from the Bollywood film 3 Idiots, thought it was great and I would format it so everybody could enjoy on r/jokes

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