A strict submarine captain is reassigned to a new submarine…

… after a few days of laying down new rules, enforcing them strictly, and allowing the crewmen nary a minute off, he saw derogatory posters about him taped around the craft.

Calling for his first officer, he said: “First Officer, I demand that the submarine be scoured, and every one of these posters taken down! Make sure you find who did it and report back to me!”

After a few days of questioning crewmen, the first officer was not able to find the perpetrator. Soon after, the derogatory posters of the captain reappeared.

The captain at once ordered their removal for a second time.

After a second round of questioning, and poster removal, all was silent for a few days. Then the posters began to reappear.

“First Officer!” the captain roared “You are evidently not doing your job, the posters are back all over the sub, even worse than before!”

The first officer fired back at the captain. “It’s not my fault sir! It’s just that everything is always reposted several times on this sub!”

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