A Soviet officer exits Stalin’s office

A Soviet officer exits Stalin’s office and says to himself:

“Stupid moustache-wearing cunt!”

But another officer hears that and says:

“Woah, comrade Ivanov, what did you say?!”

“Ehhmm nothing” responds Ivanov.

“Oh is that so? Well I heard something different. Let’s see what comrade Stalin has to say about this”

They come into Stalin’s office and Stalin asks:

“Yes, comrade Vladimirov, what is it?”

“While exiting your office comrade Ivanov said “Stupid moustache-wearing cunt!”!” Responds Vladimirov

Stalin thinks for a moment and says:

“Comrade Ivanov, who did you have in mind while saying this?”

“Ehmmm, Hitler, ofcourse!”

Then Stalins turns to Vladimirov and says:

“And who did you have in mind, comrade?”

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