A Scotsman was competing in the highland games…

Carothers had a few pints after the caber toss and wanted to take a nap before all the dancing started. So he headed out to the woods and found a nice meadow to take a wee snooze.

Two young and beautiful lasses were picking flowers in the meadow when they stumbled upon him. Being curious one of the ladies said to the others wonder if what they say is true, that Scotsman don’t wear anything under their kilt?” The other lass was more adventurous and decided to take a peak. Their suspicions were true as his twig and berries sat right in the middle of his red bush. The first lass said ‘ it’d be awfully rude to to gander at his manhood and not let him know.” So the other lady pulled a blue ribbon from her hair and gently tied it to his pecker.

Carothers woke up and made it back to the festivities when it hit him that he needed to drain the dragon. He started relieving himself at the communal latrine when another Scotsman joined him. The Scotsman glanced over and exclaimed, “aye mate, I’m not sure what competitions you entered but it looks like you won 1st prize!”

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