A sad, depressed guy is walking along the beach…

Suddenly he hears a booming voice from above, and it yells, “DIG!”

Confused, the man stops and he hears the voice again, this time louder. “DIG!”

So he immediately falls to his knees and starts digging in the sand. Suddenly he hits something solid. A buried chest. “OPEN!” Yells the booming voice.

So the man opens the chest to find hundreds of thousands of dollars inside. “CASINO!” Booms the voice.

So the man runs off the beach, flags down a cab and tells the driver to head to the nearest casino. After 20 minutes the cab arrives. “ENTER!” Booms the voice.

The man enters the casino. “ROULETTE!”

So the man heads straight to the roulette table and awaits further instruction. “RED 21!”

The man then puts the entire contents of the chest on red 21. The croupier spins the wheel and the result is black 4. The booming voice yells “FUCK!”

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