A Russian, Jamaican, Mexican and American are on a raft…

A Russian, Jamaican, Mexican and American are stuck on a raft and the Russian decides to pull out a large bottle of vodka and drink it. Before finishing the bottle, the Russian tosses the Vodka overboard.

Confused, the American says,”Hey! Why did you throw away that Vodka? We could’ve died drunk and happy.”

The Russian replies with,”Where I come from it is cheap and easy to find anywhere.”

Next the Jamaican pulls out a large blunt from out of his dreadlocks and begins smoking it. Before he could finish the blunt, the Jamaican tosses the blunt overboard.

The American confused once again asked,”Hey! Why did you toss that blunt? We could’ve died high and happy.”

The Jamaican replies,”Where I come from it’s cheap and you can find it anywhere.”

The American decides to join the Russian and Jamaican and so he tosses the Mexican overboard.

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