A rough and tough cowboy…

A rough and tough cowboy just finished his drink in an Old Western tavern. He stood up and walked outside, but a few seconds later he barreled back through the door.

With a mean look on his face and anger in his eyes, he said, “I’m gonna sit back down and have me another drink, and if my horse ain’t back where I left it by the time I’m done, I’m gonna have to do what I did back in Texas. And I REALLY don’t wanna have to do what I done back in Texas!” So he sat back down, finished his second drink, and walked back outside. Sure enough, his horse was tied back up to its post, just where he left it. But right before he left, one of the scared patrons stopped him, and timidly asked,

“Mister…what was it that you had to do back in Texas?”

So the cowboy looked him straight in the eye and said,

“I had to walk home.”

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