A redheaded man walks into a bar and sits next to another redheaded man.

He orders a Guinness, and the 2nd redheaded man turns to him. “I’m guessing from that accent you’re from Dublin?” he asks, in an Irish brogue. “Of course!” the 1st guy exclaims, “here, bartender, get this guy a Guinness, too.” Their exchange continues:

1st: Lemme ask you, what street did you grow up on?

2nd: St. Catherine Street. And you?

1st: St. Catherine Street, same as you!

2nd: Here, bartender, get this guy a Jameson! What school did you go to?

1st: St. Jospeh’s Boy’s Academy.

2nd: Son of a bitch, I went to St. Joe’s too! Bartender, get this guy a Jameson!

This continues, and as they find they had the same teachers and knew the same neighborhood kids, they proceed to get louder and drunker until a guy at the other end of the bar asks the bartender,

“What’s up with those two?” The bartender shrugs and says, “It’s the O’Shaughnessy twins, they’re drunk again.”

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