A Rabbi Wants to Spread Judaism with the World

A rabbi wants to spread Judaism with the world but isn’t sure where he would like to start. He decides he will spin a globe and randomly place his finger to stop it. He does this and lands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The rabbi goes on a boat, and sails to the spot he chose. As it turns out, there is a small, uncharted island in this spot. When the rabbi lands, he is greeted by a friendly tribe of indigenous people known as the Trids. The Trids take the rabbi and teach him of their culture. In return, the Rabbi teaches the Trids of Judaism.

A few months pass, and the Trids begin to prepare for their annual festival. At the festival, the whole tribe celebrates with food, dancing, and music. As the festival is wrapping up, the Trids begin to climb up the mountain that is in the middle of the island. The rabbi follows, curious as to where they are going.

The group comes to the entrance of a large cave at the top of the mountain. The Trids stand in front of the mountain, waiting. Suddenly, a giant storms out of the cave. The rabbi is frozen in fear as he watches the giant approach the unmoving Trids. One by one, the giant kicks each Trid down the side of the mountain. After the last Trid is sent somersaulting down the cliff, the giant returns to its cave, ignoring the rabbi entirely.

The rabbi traverses down the mountain, where he finds his newfound friends alive and well. They inform the Rabbi that every year, they will climb the mountain for the giant to kick them back down to end the celebration.

The rabbi is confused by this but does not wish to question their traditions. A year passes, and the Trids are preparing for their festival again. Again, they celebrate with food, music, and dancing. Again, they climb the mountain to the giant’s cave. Again, the giant kicks each Trid down the mountain. And again, the giant ignores the rabbi after the last Trid is sent down the mountain. This time, however, the rabbi stops the giant before he can enter his cave.

“Why are you kicking the Trids down the mountain, but ignoring me?” He asks. “I was here last year, and you ignored me then as well.”

The giant looks at the rabbi, smiling. He places a gentle hand on the rabbi’s shoulder.

“Silly rabbi, kicks are for Trids.”

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