A Rabbi is Traveling.

On his way, he stops through the town of Trid. As he walks through the town, he notices how empty it is. All the windows are shuttered and the doors are bolted shut. Eventually, he makes it to the center of town, where he finds a man hurrying through the streets.

“Excuse me, sir!” the rabbi calls over. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, Rabbi! Thank the Almighty!” the man cries. “Maybe you can help us!”

“Oh?” asks the rabbi. “What seems to be the issue?”

“See that large hill above the town? Recently, a giant moved in there, and it’s scared all the townsfolk! Some of us have gone up there to ask him to leave, but he just kicks them down the hill before they can make their case.”

Now that the rabbi looked closer, he could just make out a dark form lying on top of the hill.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Could you please go up and negotiate with him?”

“Well…” the rabbi wavered, “I suppose I could try.”

So he went up the mountain. As he approached the form of the sleeping giant, he started to shiver a bit. The man’s story had him very nervous, but he did have to help these people.

“Excuse me sir?” the rabbi asked.

The giant didn’t move.

“Hello, mister giant!” the rabbi shouted.

Now the giant opened his eyes. He sat up, slightly groggy, and said in a deep, booming voice:

“Hello there, little man. You’re not a Trid.”

“No, I’m a traveling rabbi. The people of Trid have asked me for my help. You’re scaring them, you see, and they were wondering if maybe you could move somewhere else.”

“Oh,” said the giant. “I was rather liking it here. Is it causing that much of a problem?”

“Yes, unfortunately it is. The town was so quiet as I came in, not even the babies were crying. They’re terrified.”

“Oh dear,” said the giant. “Yes, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to move a couple hills over.”

“Thank you!” said the rabbi.

“Of course.”

“I have to admit, I was very scared that you were going to kick me down the mountain like you did the others.”

At this, the giant let out a booming laugh.

“Ho, ho, ho, silly rabbi! Kicks are for Trids!”

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