A psychologist has a party for all of her patients

She instructs everyone to come dressed as an emotion. As the party begins, she sees her first patient come in dressed in all red. The psychologist asks her “what are you dressed as” and the patient replies “I’m dressed as anger and rage.” The next patient comes in and is dressed in all blue. The psychologist ask what he is dressed as and he tells her “I’m dressed as sorrow”. Next patient comes in dressed in yellow. The psychologist says “what are you dressed as?” She responds “I’m dressed as happiness and delight”. Then she sees her black patient Leroy come into the party, completely naked with a pear on the end of his dick. The psychologist goes up to him and says “Leroy, you are at my party completely naked with a pear on your penis. What on earth are you doing?” And Leroy says “what do you mean what am I doing? You told me to come to this party dressed as an emotion and I am.” The psychologist in disbelieve says “what emotion could you possibly be???” He tells her “I’m deeply in dis pear”

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