A priest is driving home

When suddenly his car breaks down, and he must go ask the local farmer for a horse. The farmer obliges, but says that this is a HOLY horse, so you had to say “Praise the Lord” to make it go, and “Amen” to make it stop.

The priest says okay. So he starts off. About a mile down the road, the horse gets spooked by a snake in the road, and starts galloping towards a huge cliff. “Stop!!” Yells the priest, as on his panic he had forgotten how to make it stop.

Seeing as nothing is working, he enters into a long, repenting prayer to God, and at the very end he says “Amen”. So the horse stops at the very edge of the cliff.

Now the priest is amazed that God has answered his humble prayer, and so what does he say?

“Praise the Lord!”

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