A priest goes golfing with his friend

A priest goes golfing with his friend.

His friend is not a very good golfer and always misses the hole by just a bit. Every time this happens he gets very upset and says:

“Goddammit, such a close miss!”

This goes on for a while before the priest finally tells his friend:

“Listen, I’m a man of god and I can’t stand you swearing on his name all the time – if you swear like this one more time, god will open the sky and you will be struck by lightning.”

At the next hole, the priests friend misses again and screams again:

“Goddammit, such a close miss!”

Not a second after the sentence was completed, the sky opens and the priest gets struck by lightning. He is dead on the spot.

There is a short silence before a deep voice comes from the sky and says:

“Goddammit, such a close miss!”

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