A Priest and a Taxi Driver Were Waiting in Line for Judgment at the Pearly Gates

The taxi driver was first. He went to St. Peter and said,” I am Brandon Wilson. Taxi driver in New York for fifteen years.” Saint Peter looked at his list and smiled. “Welcome Mr. Wilson. Take this silken robe and this golden staff and enter the gates of Heaven.” The taxi driver walked through the gates wearing his silken and robe and bearing his golden staff. The priest then walked to Saint Peter and boomed,” I am Father Dan Snow who has preached at Saint Mary’s Church for fifty years.” St.Peter looked at his list and smiled. Welcome Mr. Snow take this wool robe and this wooden staff and enter the gates of Heaven.” “Wait a minute”, the priest said,”Why does the taxi driver get a better robe and staff than me? I’ve spent almost my whole life dedicated to the church!” “Up here we work by results.” said Saint Peter.”While he drove, people prayed, while you preached, people slept.”

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