A Priest, a thief, a Jewish schoolboy and Irishman die in a car crash…

They stand before Saint Peter at the gates of heaven. Saint Peter looks at them and appears confused. “My children” he says “There has been a mistake, you were not supposed to die today. I will allow you one more chance at life as long as you promise to love out the rest of your existence free of sin”. Eager to return to their lives the men all agree, and POOF they appear back on Earth. They stand awestruck, wondering if what they had just experienced was real or just a dream. The thief notices a woman walking with an expensive looking purse. Convinced that he had only imagined the gates of heaven he rushes and attempts to steal the purse and POOF he disappears. Realizing what just happened the others understand that they must truly live without sin. The Irishman looks to his left and sees a pub. “One drink won’t hurt” he says as he orders a pint. He lifts the cup to his lips and POOF he disappears. The Jewish schoolboy looks down and sees a coin that fell from the vanishing Irishman’s pocket. He bends down to pick it up, fully aware that greed is a sin, and POOF the priest disappears.

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