A priest, a lawyer, and an engineer, were each sentenced to death by guillotine.

The priest went first, and he says “Please. Allow me to lie facing up, so that I might face towards God as I am about to join him.”

The guards allow it, and place his head through the slot.

The guard pulls the lever and the blade comes down but stops just inches short of the priest’s head. It’s regarded as such a freak occurrence that the priest is pardoned and set free.

Next up is the lawyer.

“Heck, it worked for the priest. Put me in face up too,” he says.

Again the guards allow it, and again they pull the lever.

The blade comes falling down, but again stops just short of the lawyer’s neck. Like the priest, the lawyer is granted a pardon and set free, due to his marvelously good turn of fortune.

Finally the engineer is brought out.

“If you don’t mind, could you put me in facing up?” he asks.

The guards agree and place him in the machine.

The guard grabs a hold of the lever, but just before he can pull, the engineer points up and says:

“Oh hey, I think I see where the problem is…”

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