A pregnant woman was walking past the bank one day when she heard three gun shots…

The woman awoke to the sound of small voice cooing as she slowly tried to grasp her surroundings. As she awoke, laying in a hospital bed, in pain and confusion, the doctor explained that she was caught in the crossfire of an active bank robbery and was shot in the stomach 3 times. Miraculously, the doctors were able to save all three of her babies, and even luckier, she got to meet them that day.

Two beautiful girls and one perfect boy.

15 years later the woman was enjoying her morning coffee when her first-born daughter bashfully entered the room- “Um… mom…. I think I have a problem… I was using the restroom and I heard a metal ‘ding’, and I think I peed out a bullet!!” The mom sighed and chuckled a bit, then told her daughter about the day she was born.

Two days later, the woman’s other daughter knocked on her mom’s bedroom door. “Mom, can I talk to you please.” It turns out she too was peeing when she unexpectedly heard the metal cling of a bullet hitting the toilet. Her mom took her into her room and told her the same story from two days prior.

4 days later, the woman hears a scream from the basement, her son. “MA’ COME HERE QUICK” she heard from downstairs. “Let me guess, son, you were taking a pee and out came a bullet?” “Uh, no. I was jerking off and I shot the dog”

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