A pregnant woman was shot during a bank robbery…

After being rushed to the hospital and treated in the ER, the doctor tells her some good and bad news. The good news is that she’s having triplets, all boys and they’re all healthy, the bad news is that they’ve each got a bullet inside of them and will pass this Bullet naturally in +- 18 years.

18 years later, the mother was sitting in her front room when her son bursts into the room, panicked, “Mom, mom! You won’t believe what just happened, I was peeing and a bullet came out of me and into the toilet.” She laughed and told her son the story of when she was shot while pregnant.

A couple of months later, her other son burst into the room, panicked, telling her that he had peed out a bullet. She told him the story and they all had a good laugh about it.

About a week later, her third son came into the room she was sitting in, looking pale and very disturbed. “Let me guess, you were peeing and a bullet came out of you?” She said, slightly amused. “No, I was jerking off in my room and I shot the dog.”

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