A police officer is returning home drunk..

A police officer returns home drunk in his car from a colleague’s house. He is driving safely, until suddenly a patrol on the side of the road motions him to stop by for a check. He quickly draws out his badge, confident that his colleagues will believe it and says: ”Don’t worry colleagues, I’ve drunk a bit at another officer’s house, I live nearby, I’ll drive responsibly.”. ”Sure, go ahead, no problem.”, one of the officers replies. ”Goodnight.”. After a while, another police patrol motions him to stop. ”Fuck, not again!” he exclaims. Once again, he draws out his badge and repeats the same sentence. The officers wave him goodbye. But after a while he is stopped again by once another patrol. ”C’mon.. you’ve got to be kidding me..”. He shows his badge, once more, about to repeat his sentence. ”Don’t worry colleagues, I’ve–”, he is interrupted. ”Sir, get out of the fucking roundabout atleast!”

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