A plane leaves JFK airport under the control of a Jewish captain, Josh Weinberg.

It is the first time he has flown with his Chinese co-pilot Bo Weng and an awkward silence between the two seems to indicate a mutual dislike.

After this protracted silence has continued for a while, the Captain mutters, ‘I don’t like the Chinese.. .’

‘No rike Chinese?’ asks the copilot, ‘why not?’

‘You people bombed Pearl Harbour , that’s why!’

‘No, no’, the co-pilot protests, ‘Chinese not bomb Per Hahbah. That Japanese, not Chinese. Japanese do that’.

‘Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese….Doesn’t matter to me: you’re all alike!’

The silence continues on until the co-pilot suddenly announces ‘I no rike Jews anyway’ .

‘Oh yeah, and why not?’ asks the captain.

‘Jews sink Titanic’ says the co-pilot.

‘You’re nuts’ exclaims the captain, ‘Jews didn’t sink the Titanic!’ , ‘It was an iceberg!’

‘Iceberg, Goldberg, Greenberg, Rosenberg, no mattah to me…all bruddy same!!’

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