A pilot, a captain, and a driver were all stuck in a blimp headed straight towards a city.

The pilot, wanting to save himself from crashing, says “let me steer this blimp off course and land us safely. As a pilot, I have years of experience controlling flying vehicles. A blimp surely can’t be much different from a plane.”

The captain then butted in and said “No, let me take the wheel. As a captain, I have handled many large boats and saved my crew countless times from stormy seas. A blimp is just as large and slow as a ship, so surely I’ll be able to handle it.”

As the pilot and the captain were arguing over who would take control of the blimp, it got closer and closer to crashing into the city. After about 10 minutes, they both looked at the driver.

The driver said nothing, becuse it’s a golf club, and it cannot speak.

The blimp crashed into the city causing 131 deaths and 327 injuries.

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