A philosophy professor is examining a student.

However, the student does not know too much and is in danger of failing, so he says to the professor:

“If I ask you a philosophical question and you don’t know the answer, will you let me pass?”

The professor agrees, so the student says:

“Describe a situation from your life when there was something moral, but illogical, immoral, but logical and neither moral nor logical.”

The professor spends some time thinking, but ultimately lets the student pass.

During his next lecture, he asks students for suggestions what the situation may be. One student stands up and says:

“Professor, I know the exact situation he was talking about.

You’re 55 and married to a 23-year-old woman, which is moral, but illogical.

Your wife has a 20-year-old lover, which is immoral, but logical.

You let her lover pass when you should have failed him, and this is neither moral nor logical!”

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