A peeny pinching dad was throwing his daughter a sweet 16 birthday

He wanted her to have a nice party but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. He made all the arrangements at the bare minimum to satisfy his daughter’s wishes, everything except the cake.

“Why not get it ordered from an nice bakery?” his wife suggested.

He called all around town and didn’t find a price that he thought was low enough.

He wanted to go with a cake, but knew his daughter wouldn’t be happy with that so he kept looking. He happened to find a bakery that opened once a year to provide free cake to its customers. He immediately went there to get his free cake.

He was met by a Buddhist monk, which he thought was strange, but asked for a cake.

The monk had him write down and draw a sketch of how he wanted the cake as well as when and where to deliver it, no charge.

As he said, the monk came to deliver the most extravagant cake they had ever seen, exactly as the daughter wanted. Everyone was talking about how much such a nice cake costs. The monk replied, absolutely nothing. I do this for free.

The father asked him to stay and enjoy the party and finally asked him before he left at the end of the night, “Your cake making skills are amazing. Why don’t you charge for them?”

The monk smiled and said, “I do this for free because a cake day is the best way to earn karma.”

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