A pea, a lemon, and a potato went to the bar

A pea, a lemon, and a potato all went out to the bar after work. They all had a couple of drinks and had a merry time. The potato, being made entirely of starch, didn’t get drunk at all, let alone tipsy. The lemon, being citrus, didn’t feel very good after the second drink. The pea, being very small, got absolutely trashed after the first drink.

Being the adult of the group, potato decided it was time to head home. When they all left the bar, lemon thought that they had been drinking too much so they shouldn’t be driving home. Pea suggested that since they are all relatively circular in shape, they can just roll home. Potato and lemon thought it would be a good idea, so they all rolled down a hill towards their homes.

Potato was bumping and flailing everywhere due to his abnormal shape. Lemon was also bumping and flailing everywhere because he wasn’t perfectly circular either. Pea, however, was having the time of his life. Once they all landed at the bottom of the hill, potato was feeling exhausted, lemon was almost puking, and pea was jumping with joy, screaming “Let’s do that again! Let’s do that again!” Potato, who had some sense left, scolded pea saying “Easy Pea-sy, Lemon’s queasy!”

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