A parachutist is about to drop from a plane tommorow as part of a military excercise..

His mother calls him at midnight and with terror in her voice she says: Do not go tommorow!! I saw a terrible dream, your parachute was not working and you were killed!! Please dont do it!!! The soldier was terrified about his mothers dream but he still got into the plane. As the persons where dropping one by one from the plane he was left as the last one along with his sergeant. – Drop now! – I cant!! I am afraid, because my mother warned me that my parachute is not going to work! – For Christs Sake, give me your parachute and take mine And now Drop! I will be right behind you!

The soldier drops and to his relief the parachute works fine. As he starts to question his irrational fear he hears a voice that was getting louder:


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