A old man meets an old woman in a care home…

They get off to a good start and they started to talk he learned she was called Maria and they talked about their past and their experiences and eventually they get to the subject of Sex. The old man says “I can’t get an erection anymore, I need a woman to help me do it” Maria volunteered to help him.

So they met every night and Maria would hold the mans penis until he got an erection. They liked it and the man enjoyed it greatly for obvious reasons.

But one night the man did not come to their meeting spot. Maria got very worried and started to look for the man. She looked everywhere and eventually found the man behind a tree with another Woman who was holding the mans Penis – Like they usually would.

Maria was furious! She was very angry and shouted at the man “You betrayed me! Why would you do this to me! Why? What does she have that I don’t have!”

The man replied “Parkinsons”

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