A nurse is bathing a female patient who is in coma

She notices that whenever she touches the genital area, patient’s heart rate increases. She gets the idea that oral sex might help her regain consciousness. The nurse then calls patient’s husband and tell him that oral sex might revive her and so the husband agrees to help.

The following night, the nurse brings the husband to the patient’s room and closes the door to let him begin. Not after two minutes, the alarm goes off and the patient’s vitals are critical. The nurse knocks on the door and asks the husband, “Is everything okay in there?”. The husband answers, “I think I’m choking her!”.

Edit: Fixed some grammatical mistakes. Edit 2: Some of you pointed out, Norm MacDonald used this punchline on Conan. Did not know this. Credit to the original artist. I just read this somewhere and posted it.

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