A nun goes down to the market…

A nun goes down to the market to buy a fish to prepare for dinner back at the convent. As she approaches the local fisherman’s stand, she sees him holding up a massive fish, saying, “I’m selling this big Sunnuvabitch!”. The nun, repulsed by such language, chastises the fisherman for saying this. He clarifies, “no, no, that’s just the name of this fish, you see: There are salmons, tunas, halibuts, and this one is called a Sunnuvabitch.” The nun, now understanding this, buys the fish, brings it back to her convent, and gives it to another nun, saying “Look at this Sunnuvabitch I bought at the market!”. Of course, the second nun has the same reaction the first did, but she clears things up, and the second nun goes to clean the fish. She then brings it to the mother superior. The same exchange occurs between the two of them, and the mother superior goes to cook the fish.

Later, during the evening, the Pope stops by to enjoy dinner with the convent. While they are eating, he comments: “This fish is delicious! Who prepared it?”. The first nun says, “I bought this Sunnuvabitch,” the second nun says, “I cleaned this Sunnuvabitch,” and the mother superior says, “I cooked this Sunnuvabitch!”. Upon hearing this, the Pope reclines in his chair, props his feet up on the table, and says, “Ah, looks like you fuckers are alright after all!”

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