A new soldier, fresh out of boot camp, is deployed to a remote base in Afghanistan.

After about a week, the young soldier is approached by his Staff Sergeant.

“Private, how is everything?” he asks.

“It’s ok sir, it’s just so desolate out here. Some of the guys have been deployed here for months… there’s no women anywhere… what do they do…. you know, for women?”

The Staff Sergeant motions towards the south end of the base and says “The boys have some camels tied up over there. No one’s gonna judge you out here, son.”

The Private shook his head in disgust, telling himself he would never stoop that low.

A few weeks later, the Private is pent up. He needs release. He finally decides to join the club, so early one morning he gets up, walks over to the camels, and unties one.

He begins pumping away at the camel from behind, when the Staff Sergeant and the Major discover him.

“Private, just what in the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” the Staff Sergeant asks.

“But, you said..” the Private stammers, still inside the camel. “You said the boys have these camels tied up!”

“You idiot,” the Sergeant says. “The boys ride the camels into town to hire a prostitute.”

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