A new sapling popped up between a maple and a pine tree in the forest and they got into an argument over what kind of tree it was. The maple thinks it’s a son of a birch and the pine thinks it’s a son of a beech. Neither one was willing to concede to the other…

The maple barked, “It’s a son of a birch!”

The pine bristled, “It’s a son of a beech!”

“Son of a birch!”

“Son of a beech!”

After arguing back and forth for a while, they decided that they needed someone else to sort out what kind of tree it was.

They called Mr. Woodpecker over and they asked him, “Mr. Woodpecker, can you please tell us whether or not this new sapling is a son of a birch or son of a beech?!”

Mr. Woodpecker hopped over to the little sapling.

Peck! Peck!” Peck!

He then pause for a long while.

Getting impatient, the maple snapped, “Well? Which is it?!”

Mr. Woodpecker look up to the maple and said, “Well, it isn’t a son of a birch or son of a beech, but I will say that’s the finest piece of ash I’ve ever laid my pecker into!”

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