A new jokes store opened up in town..

A kid walks in to check out the place early the next day. Looking all around, he sees that the store has several recognizable items (such as whoopie cushions) and some unique items that he’d never seen before. There was also a wall full of candy, with weird names such as “Hoot Gummies” and “Woof Bars”.

“Excuse me, sir, is there anything I can help you find?” said one of the store clerks from behind him.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” the customer said, startled. He looked around him quickly and picked up one of the newer-looking tricks. “What does this do?” he asked.

The store clerk replied, “Oh, that?” She picked it up and spun it around her finger – or attempted to. “It’s a Fidget Spinner Joke. You can try as hard as you want, but it will never spin.”

He laughed. “That sounds hilarious! What does this one do?”

“That’s our Padlock Joke – it will never open with any key ever, even the one that’s provided with it.”

“Cool! Can you tell me about these?” And so it went on and on as he asked the poor shopkeeper about what seemed like every new item in the store, until he came back to the wall of sweets.

“What about these Chirp Chocolates?” he asks.

“Well,” says the worker, somehow still keeping her energy up, “If you eat one, it’ll make you chirp like a bird for a whole minute.”

“That’s hilarious!” laughs the boy. “Do these Hoot Gummies make you hoot like an owl?” She nodded. “And these Squeaking Marshmallows? And- hey, what’s this?” He reached into the large container of wrapped mints and pulled out a brightly-colored fishing reel that had a very tiny handle.

The clerk takes it from him, and sighs, “Oh, darn… I forgot to sort these again last night – it feels like every time I come back our Reel Joke’s always hiding in the Caw Mints.”

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