A Muslim man came to the USA many years ago.

He found love, got married and had a son.

The son eventually graduated University, found a wife, got married and moved away for job reasons.

Unfortunately, one day the old man’s wife passes away, leaving him alone in his house with a huge garden.

After a lot of grief, the man has the idea of bringing the garden to new life. However, not being young anymore, it seems like an impossible task for him alone.

He writes to his son: “My dear son, after your mother’s death, I am finally ready to move on. I’d like to bring our old garden to new life. Unfortunately, the task seems to be too much for an old man like me. I know you’re busy with work and family, but maybe you could help me with digging over the old patches. This would help a lot. Love, your father.”

Some time later he receives a short message from his son: “Father. Please keep away from the patches. It’s where I hid the ‘Thing’. Your son.”

The next morning, combined forces of FBI, NSA and HS invade the property and the neighborhood. They start questioning everyone and search the man’s garden inch after inch, soil layer after soil layer. In the evening, they still haven’t found anything and finally give up.

The man receives another message from his son: “Dear Father, I’m glad that you want to move on after Mom’s death. Work and family prevent me from visiting you right now, but after the recent visit of the authorities your garden should be dug over and ready for renewal. That’s the best I could do at the moment. Love, your son.”

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