A motorist was stopped for speeding on the freeway by traffic cops and asked to give his information.

“My name is William Walter Wankin-Brake and I am the Sales Manager for the Bigger Ball, Better Ball, Ball-bearing Company” he replied.

“Come along, sir” answered the traffic cop “this is no time to be silly. What’s your name and address?”

With that, the motorist pulled out his business card, which confirmed that he was indeed William Walter Wankin-Brake from the Bigger Ball, Better Ball, Ball-bearing Company.

After writing out a speeding ticket the traffic cop then returned to his station and gave his copy of the ticket to the desk sergeant, who took one look at it and said, with a pained expression “Somebody’s taking the piss here. I’m going to check this out.”

With that he picked up the telephone and dialed the number that had been given to his colleague.

“Is this the Bigger Ball, Better Ball, Ball-bearing Company from Bungay?”

“Yes” was the reply. “My name is Clare. How can I help you?”

“Have you got a Wankin-Brake at your place?” asked the desk sergeant.

“Wanking break? You’re joking!” exclaimed the receptionist “we don’t even get a tea break!”

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