A monk got a stitching job in a submarine.

The captain, after showing the basic things required for the young tailor, left to him torn fabrics and uniforms of soldiers. As part of his job, he had brought his own sewing kit and he asked to left alone while doing his work.

The monk’s work was nothing less than stellar, but sometimes you could occasionally hear the monk laugh. When the captain went to glance if something is wrong, he was all alone. Perplexed, he returned back.

This goes on for a few days until the captain asks what’s up with his laughing. The monk says, “Oh, it’s nothing. As part of my spiritual journey I converse with my sewing supplies.”
“Oh, what do you guys talk about?”
“Usually jokes. However, I draw my personal line at religious jokes.”

The captain is dumbfounded, but lets him do his work in peace.

This goes on until one day, the sewing supplies run out so is replaced by the ones already in the submarine. Then, the captain suddenly hears a huge heated argument in the monk’s chamber! He rushes and sees the monk arguing with the brand-new sewing kit.

“What happened!?” asks the captain.

The monk replies: “It’s the damn sewing kit! The threads of this sub think they’re funny with their karma jokes!”

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