A millionaire discovers he needs a heart transplant the day before his wedding…

Him, his, fiancee and her mother are in the hospital. Before the surgery begins the doctor has to give the man anesthesia, as he’s doing this the fiancee leaves to use the bathroom. when she returns the man is asleep. The doctor then leaves the room. The mother begins to console her daughter telling her everything will be okay. The daughter however is not worried, she tells her mom she was only marrying him for his money anyway. The doctor then returns to the room and says the anesthesia should kick in in about 5 minutes.The mother and daughter look at each other worried. 5 minutes go by and then he is taken away for surgery. After a successful surgery the man wakes up and immediately calls of the marriage. Shocked his fiancee asks why. He replies:”Well i was going to marry you, but i heard what you told your mother, then i had a change of heart.

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