A middle aged guy and his teenage daughter were riding a motor bike.

While taking a shortcut through a dark part of the park when they were stopped by a gang of muggers.

They searched them and took the guy’s wallet, his watch and even the Motorbike, but couldn’t find any jewellery from the girl.

When the muggers had gone, the father asked his daughter, “Did they take your new diamond ring as well Dear?”

“No Papa,” replied the girl with a grin, “I managed to hide it when they were searching you.”

“Hid it?? Where?”, asked the father, “I saw them search you too.”

“Well Dad, I slipped it into my… a… my . . .um…. Pee Pee Place.” said the girl shyly.

“Damn”, swore the father.

“If only your mother were here, perhaps we could have saved my Motor Bike!”

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