A married couple wanted go get spicy in the bedroom but the son wouldn’t leave the house.

Mom: “So how are we going to have sex if Timmy is in the house all day?”

“Don’t worry I have an idea.”, says the man.

So the dad goes into Timmy’s room and tells him: “Son, it’s a beautiful day outside, you should go birdwatching!”

The son agrees, gets some snacks and a bottle of water from the kitchen, puts them in his backpack and off he goes.

The father goes back into the bedroom and starts kissing his wife. Still worried she asks him: “But how will we know he stays outside?”

The dad proudly responds: “Well I gave him a walkie takie and told him to report every bird he sees so we know he is outside.”

And sure enough they hear Timmy: “I see a blue jay, a cardinal! Oh and the Smiths are having sex.” The dad grabs the walkie takie and asks: “Wait?! How do you know that?!”

“Oh, Nick is outside birdwatching too!”

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