A man was walking in the desert…

A man was walking in the desert, however he is now lost. He has survived for two weeks already, but he is craving for sex. In week three he sees a camel. Because the man is so desperate for sex, he turns a bucket he collected upside-down and starts thrusting towards the camel.

The camel however doesn’t like this and walks a few steps forward. There, the man tries again, but the camel walks forward again. The man tries this occasionally for another two weeks, but never succeeds.

Then, suddenly he sees a beautiful girl. The most beautiful girl the man has ever seen. The girl, who is also surviving in the desert, waves to the man. The man waves back and they meet. The girl hasn’t drunk any water for two days, so she asks the man for some water. The man however hesitates because he hasn’t much water left. To convince the man, the girl says if she gets a bottle of water, she will do everything what the man wants. While the man still craves for sex…

So, the man decides to give the girl a bottle of his water. The girl thanks the man very much and starts drinking the water. Once the girl is hydrated, she says that she will do everything the man wants her to do.

The man says: ‘I hope I don’t ask to much, but will you hold that camel for two minutes.’

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