A man was eating at a restaurant …

When he noticed all the servers had spoons in their pocket.

Curious, he asked his server “why do all of you carry spoons?”

“Oh that’s interesting,” replied the server. “Our manager attended a seminar and found out the spoon is the most frequently dropped utensil. This way we are always prepared.”

Sure enough, not a few minutes later, the man dropped his spoon, and his server was at the ready to hand him a new one.

Eating his soup, the man noticed the male servers all had two strings dangling from the front of their pants. Again curious, the man stopped his server to ask.

“Funny—at the same seminar our manager found out we could be a lot more efficient going to the bathroom if we had one string to pull down the zipper and another to pull out our … ahem … ‘item.’ This way we don’t have to wash our hands and we can get right back to work.”

“Fascinating,” said the man. “But uhhh how do you get it back in?”

The server looks around and leans in to whisper “well I don’t know about anyone else, but I use the spoon.”

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