A man was driving home from work when he remembered it was the 20th anniversary of his marriage

He still needed to get a gift for his wife, so he stopped at the department store on his way home. He quickly went to the lingerie department to pick up a gift and a sales associate was very happy to help. The sales associate asked what his budget was, to which he responded about $50. She showed him some lingerie sets for around the $50 mark, and they were all very basic and underwhelming to him. Suddenly, a sexy negligee caught the man’s eye. It was very sheer with a thin bit of trim around the neckline, but cost $499. He decided that it is his 20th anniversary, he should spend a little on his wife, so he had the sales associate ring him up and wrap it up for him.

When he eventually got home, he handed his wife the wrapped package and said, “Happy 20th anniversary, my dear. Why don’t you go try this on?” She quickly disappeared up to the bedroom and unwrapped the gift when she found that the sales associate had left the receipt in the box. “$500?!” the wife thought to herself. “There’s barely anything here! I can return this and get something I really want with the $500. I’ll just strip down and wear a little bit of string around my neck, my husband won’t know that I’m naked. He’ll think I’m wearing the negligee!” And so she does. She calls her husband up to the bedroom. When he walks in, he looks his wife up and down and lets out a low whistle. She asks, “What do you think, honey?” He replied, “Well, for what I spent on that, you think they could have ironed it!”

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