A man was driving along the road

A man was driving along the road when suddenly a Ferrari whizzed past him and the driver inside yelled “ever driven a Ferrari mate?”

This angered the man, and accelerated to catch up to the Ferrari and give the driver a piece of his mind.

However as he was about to reach the Ferrari, it accelerated and the man just managed to catch the driver yell “ever driven a Ferrari mate?” before the Ferrari left him in the dust.

Recognising that he was not able to match the Ferrari’s speed, the man calmed down and resumed driving at normal speed.

A few miles ahead however, the man noticed the Ferrari upturned in a ditch. Curious at what might have happened, man stopped his car and went to check out the crash scene.

Inside the upturned Ferrari, a weak and shaky voice came out: “Ever driven a Ferrari mate? Know where the brake is?”

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