A Man Walks Up To A Local In A Remote Part Of The Outback

He asks, “so what do you guys do out here for fun?”

The local replies, “we hunt, and we fuck”

After a moment of thought, the man queries further, “what do you hunt for?”

“Things to fuck”, the local answers

“So what makes a good day out in these parts then?”

“One day an American tourist got lost out in the scrub. Me and twenty others went out and found her, fucked her, and brought her back. That was a good day”

“Had any other good days?”

“Another time Jimmy’s goat got lost out in the scrub. Me, him and twenty others went out, found it, fucked it, and brought it back”

Intrigued, the man then asks, “had any bad days?”

The local pauses for a moment.

“Well one day I got lost out in the scrub”

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