A man walks into his favourite bar….

…he sits at his favourite table, and waves at the waiter to order himself a beer. While waiting for his beer, he notices 2 scratch marks on the table right in front of him.

When the waiter comes, he asks him: “What are those scratches?”

Waiter says: “Those are marks. There were two men yesterday night here, they were arguing who has the longest penis.”

“oh” says the guy. “Let’s try it!” He pulls out his penis, puts it down on the table, takes his knife and scratches a mark at the end of his penis. The mark is higher than the 2 mens had. He shouts: “Hah! See! Forget the beer, this is champaign worthy! I won!”

The waiter then whispers to him: “But sir, these 2 men were sitting at the other side of the table……..”

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