A man walks into a restaurant with a rooster under his arm.

A limousine stops before a restaurant and a well dressed man steps out, with a rooster under his arm.

After he’s shown to a private table, he puts the rooster on the table and orders every item on the menu.

Flabbergasted, the waiter asks: “Excuse me sir, but are you sure you want all this, it’s quite a bit of food.”

Unfazed, the man replies:

“No, no, this is for the bird. For me, just bring me a glass of water and a salad.”

At that point the waiter, goes “the customer is always right” and starts bringing the mountain of food.

True enough, the rooster starts eating.. and eating.. and eating, slowly making his way trough all that food.

At one point the waiter can no longer contain his curiosity and asks the man, what the deal is with that rooster.

The man smiles and answers:

“Well, you see.. a few years ago I was in Egypt and found an old rusted oil lamp. I rub it and lo and behold, a genie jumps out and says I get three wishes.”

“So my first wish was: I want so much money, that I must throw it away, because I don’t know where to put it. And I got it.”

“My second wish was: I want so many women, that I must kick them for them to leave them alone. And, heh, I’m well covered in that department.”

The man then sighs and is lost in thought for a while, so the waiter prods him on:

“And the third wish?”

A bit reluctantly, the man continues:

“There we had a bit of a miscommunication, I’m afraid. You see, I asked for an insatiable cock…”

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